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A great place!


You find it in Oubliette. The flowers are by mikatsuki Matova.  Enjoy it.

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I just saw some beautiful creations by Scottius Polke.

Some picks herein:

Scottius 1_001

[Liquid PrecisionLuz Terrenal – by Scottius Polke]

Scottius 1_004

[Discarded Rustscape in BrownStick Furnace in Purple and Cyan – by Scottius Polke]

Scottius 1_003

[Petri Sum – by Scottius Polke]

Scottius 1_006

[Astral Dispersal – by Scottius Polke]

Places where you can find some Scottius sculptures: Ars Lunga; project Z gallery.

Thank you Scottius!

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