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Thanks to RobertSteven Smythe for an outstanding exhibition taking place at Artemisia, a well directed gallery of  SL.

Some beautiful works by  Glyph Graves and elros Tuominen are placed there, for 3 weeks. It is a unique occasion to have some works of these two special SL artists exposed face to face.  Their sculptures have  point of contacts, still their art  expresses two  different and strong personalities.

RobertSteven is organizing it with passion, and I think he is doing a great job. Here you have his press release, with some interesting comments of both elros and Glyph on their art.

Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia

Now through April 14th

Reception April 2nd at 3:00 pm SL time

Exhibition: The Collector: Part Three Glyph Graves and elros Tuominen


The Collector: Part Three, Glyph Graves and elros Tuominen

The exhibition “The Collector” is focused around the art collection of Sichel Seifert an art enthusiast who has been collecting and commissioning some of the finest artists in Second Life since early 2005. You will see as never before from the eyes of a collector and connoisseur of Second Life art. This last installment of “The Collector” displays the wonderful work of elros Tuominen and Glyph Graves, two of Second Life’s most colorful and inspiring artists.

Glyph Graves, “My art is currently focused on the interplay between structure and texture. As well as the normal digital tools of graphic and 3D modeling programs, I also freely make use of Linden Scripting Language as both my chisel and my paintbrush. I’m constantly in a state of wonder (and occasionally, despair) at the depth and the dimensionality that’s available for the art of Second Life. I am also known for my work with slow alpha textures in complex sculpts but also work with interactive sound and solid Transformational pieces.”

Graves on Tuominen’s work, “elros creates beautiful textures and animates them in new and surprising ways, exploring the sculptures physical as well as textural space. He has a romantic spirit that comes through strongly in his work, with the cubic form a major object of his affection. My personal favorites though are his work with flex.”

elros Tuominen relates, “My work is based on three basic points: light, colour and rhythm, and almost all the ideas come from own feelings and experiences, most of them, not all. I just create some music without sound, some alive watercolour, watercolours that never dry, and light, many light, giving those 3d pieces more depth and movement, it’s the main idea, movement, kinetic works, creating in a fourth dimension, a new dimension to play with and express myself, so maybe there’s some kind of futurism there too. With each work I try to create what I have envisioned after thinking about a concept, then I develop it, until I discover what I wanted to build—that’s a nice moment really…”

Tuominen on Graves work, “I love the sweet movements and dizzy transitions he builds, like flowers from a world called SL. I really like his pieces they are delicate and so smooth, like some kind of peace in this world…”

Don’t miss the last installment of “The Collector” a once in a lifetime exhibition now through April 14th. Opening reception April 2, 2009 at 3 pm SL time.. Please join the residents of Artemisia in this wonderful exhibition from Second Life’s greatest artists. Artemisia – Living with Art.


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There are few genius in SL kinetic sculpturing… and Glyph is one of them.


[Diamond beads – by Glyph Graves]


He has got high skill to build up kinetic effects.


[Cloud – by Glyph Graves]

A definite personal style, made of quiet movements and rotations… Glyph’s world is not a frantic one…


[Shoal B – by Glyph Graves]

My idea is that he is a perfectionist. I can see he likes details and delicate nuances.


[Its just a fish – by Gliph Graves]

In Glyph sculptures, colors changes the way they have to…


[Ball of fluff – by Glyph Graves]


[Ball of fluff (transforming) – by Glyph Graves]

Also, he likes to adapt his work to SL tech features, and using SL wind rhythm, and sounds, and the possible impact of them on his sculptures.


[Worm flower combined- c (with me floating inside)  – by Glyph Graves]

And he is attracted by the way SL allows to create new formidable creatures. Fantastic fishes and birds, where feathers are fins, and fins are wings.


Recalls to me ancestral animals, when the world was as new as SL is.


[FlyingAnimalanywherebuttermoth – by Glyph Graves]

Thank you Glyph.


[Incremental dyslexia2plan – by Glyph Graves]


[Incremental dyslexia2plan (by night) – by Glyph Graves]

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