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AM Radio is the master of  SL landscaping.


[Beneath The Tree That Died – Installation for the University of Kentucky – GEO 714 – by AM Radio – visit it]

He builds beautiful and extensive installations, having a sense of incumbent melancholy.


[Wheat Fields – The Refuge and Expansion – by AM Radio – visit it]

… and usually a taste of old-time…


[Texaco Filling Station – Installation at Exhibit Sim: Alexander Gallery II-Welsh Cove – by AM Radio – visit it]

They are always highly detailed, as only SL  greatest builders are able to do.


[1948 (detail) – by AM Radio]

This brings back one of the main SL features: not only can people on the Grid create personal relationships, but also objects and environments.  So, from the simplest object, to the more complex artifacts, each piece in SL shows its own share of creativity.


[The Far Away (detail) – by AM Radio]

AM Radio raises that SL feature to its excellence.


[Radio – Alexander Galleries-Welsh lakes Radio, AM Radio, Exhibit -(detail) – by AM Radio – visit it]

I was lucky, while taking my picks for this post I met him at work. The beloved Mermaid then had a car accident…


[AM Radio, myself, EmeraldEver Cline’s tail]

And AM Radio donated to us his outstanding car to compensate the street hassle. TY.


[1948 – by AM Radio]

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Starax Statosky is the most famous  SL sculptor.


[Drowned – by Starax Statosky]

Because of the high quality of his works, their rarity, and the fact that (apparently) he has left sl, he has become a sort of mythological figure.


[Hand Stand – by Starax Statosky]

It must be recognized that he was a precursor of the whole SL artistic production. At the beginning of SL expansion, because of the complexity and inspiration of his works,  he put himself on an higher level with respect to any other artistic content creator. Later, other artists have stepped in, competing with his achievements, but he remains the “SL Giotto”, the “first”.


[Tree – by Starax Statosky]

To me, he has given his best when sculpting wild nature subjects:


[Title unknown – by Starax Statosky]

Or small statues, of a formal, classical and at the same time innovative, character.


[Hebe – by Starax Statosky]

Other subjects tends towards the “dark” side of second life souls…


[Cthulhu – by Starax Statosky]


[Sorrow – by Starax Statosky]

He also interpreted an initial SL  feature, now almost disappeared: the wish to donate his works to the community,  to just create content to be given to everyone. Many beautiful and complex works of Starax are free to copy and to transfer.


[Fallen Angel – by Starax Statosky]

Starax’s latest sculpture discover the secret of “light and shadows”; he did some remarkable work studying the effects of light on the sculptures, except that SL’s light… comes from the prims of his sculptures: he has built them as reflecting light. That makes a great effect, largely unknown to other SL complex objects at that time.


[Snagged – by Starax Statosky]

According to many, Starax has left SL as such, and became active under another name: Light Waves (SL Herald). Light Waves’ works are recognized as outstanding SL’s sculptures.


[Night Dreaming – by Light Waves]

On my opinion, for what it’s worth, Light Waves pieces  are beautiful, but less inspired, compared to the Starax’s achievements.


[Angel – by Light Waves]

A fast research I did shows that some Starax sculptures have been completed early in December 2006. That does not match with the generally shared (and unproved) idea that Starax account was not active anymore starting August 2006 (see here: SL Art News). Moreover, Light Waves’s account (and some sculptures) are older than December 2006: if they are the same person, he has been active for some time as both Starax and Light Waves.


Lastly, few words about Starax sculptures market. His works are deemed to be both beautiful and rare, so they are marketed at considerable high prices (each of them can account for some double digits Ks – or more –  L$). And they are regarded as “rare”, and permanently rare, because of the fact that the Starax’s SL account is deemed to be over. Of course, if someone could still have access to that account or to copies delivered before it was dumped, that would be a good business to carry forward: picking up a few old sculptures and then slowly marketing them… perfect strategy!


[Fountain Girl – by Starax Statosky]

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