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Meleni is a true second life sculptress.


She works with prims like they were marble or stones. Mostly, she does not use colours. Shadowing, is rare in her works. Simplicity, sometimes a youthful approach, is a feature of her sculptures.


A clear and personal style, likewise a straight inspiration on some subjects, are signs of a definite personality, and of a true artistic vision.


She likes allegorical subjects. Also classical and medieval topics appeal her.

Some dramatic backgorund, biographical or caught by rl, stands behind some of her most beautiful works. Especially her first ones.


I think she is great. I commissioned her some sculptures to alleviate some sadness i was feeling in sl. She did.


I saw myself deeply involved in her accomplishment.


So, now, her art is part of my being in second life.

Links to some Meleni’s sculptures i have placed around sl:






Link to Meleni exhibition and shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Totem/38/159/65


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Thanks to elros helpfulness, I had the occasion to ask few things about him, second life and his art:

[11:34] Sichel Seifert: I am always curious of this: Elros can you remember your first hour in Second Life?
[11:34] elros Tuominen: yes I do :))
[11:35] Sichel Seifert: describe please the strongest impression of that start
[11:36] elros Tuominen: hummm I only came here to feel somehow like floating flying, trying something different, but I was so amazed about everything and too worried about trying to dress myself LOL, and the strongest impression was that I tried to take somethig but I just couldn’t, it was impotence :D
[11:37] Sichel Seifert: and… when then you started to think that you could build and “create”
[11:37] elros Tuominen: I never did. I only wanted to see a virtual world :)
[11:38] Sichel Seifert: can you remember how did you start your first work?
[11:38] elros Tuominen: yes :)) I thought some day, when I saw a gallery around, I would love to see my watercolours here RL ones…. and I opened a little gallery :)) only paintings, but I discovered soon 3d ….. :D
[11:39] Sichel Seifert: have you a model in SL, an SL artist which more of other can influence you?
[11:40] elros Tuominen: yes of course,and i am talking to her right now
[11:40] Sichel Seifert: lol
[11:41] elros Tuominen: I got a muse who guided me and one who influenced me: Sabine Stonebender
[11:42] elros Tuominen: my muse, the one who guided me, was Pandoa Wake
[11:42] Sichel Seifert: tell me elros, and sorry for being abruptly intrusive: is there God in SL?
[11:43] elros Tuominen: I don’t think so… if there is it’s the same we got in RL, mine is the one I got inside… I mean I think each one of us has got a God inside, don’t believe in omnipresent
[11:43] elros Tuominen: :D
[11:44] Sichel Seifert: you have life and movements in your works: is it a choice or a necessity?
[11:44] elros Tuominen: it’s a necessity :)
[11:45] Sichel Seifert: a forecast, elros: will SL survive as a permanent part of RL, in your view?
[11:46] elros Tuominen: yes in my view, maybe not as SL, maybe it will change name, or owners or….. but it will exist :)
[11:46] Sichel Seifert: and will our avatars survive to us?
[11:47] elros Tuominen: it will be great if so… but then would it be the same really?……
[11:48] Sichel Seifert: joy and sadness: does sl need rl to give us joy or sadness fully? Can SL give both to us, or incompleteness prevails?
[11:49] elros Tuominen: yes, it can….. for me, SL has given me both of them
[11:49] Sichel Seifert: ty very much for you time and for your works elros!
[11:50] elros Tuominen: lol, many thanks to you Sichel, a pleasure :D

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