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Have you been at the edge of the SL universe?

Elros has.


Have you ever seen your teardrops flying away in the blue sky?


Elros’ Sun…


looks after us in the dark night of SL


Every day I thank elros for being with us!


elros Tuominen’s Tubular Gallery: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bunny%20Isles/160/91/600


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On the Mainland, in Blake, stays the “Mertopia” sim built up by EmeraldEver Cline.

She is a polyhedric and lonely builder. Scripts, animations, buildings, avatars, statues, almost everything on Blake is made by her. And the sim has her character. Both a submarine and an open air garden, mysterious and gay, it is a unique in Second Life. But you have to spend time in it, to explore its beauties: Em does everything she can to make it difficult to discover them. Still, the richness of original textures, the colours of her submarine plantations, the sounds of her secret caves, the labyrinth in her sunk castle, the empathy of her living octopus, the indifference of the fishes she makes swim around… do deserve to be conquered wandering around with patience… nothing is there to help you… no signs around to lead you.


My Starax shark circles around feeling alone, being one of the few non-Emerald object allowed on the sim.

Just her shop, with all you can imagine about mermaids and mermen’s accessories (tails, animation hair etc.) is in open view… So shoppers have no problems. Only real wanderers have to figure out how to catch the sirens sim.


Link to Blake: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blake/109/159/22

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